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It belonged to the King Carlo Felice of Savoy and it was his favourite country house. Currently,  it is a UNESCO World Heritage.
From the Castle of Govone you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the river Tanaro , the Langhe hills, the  Roero and Monferrato vineyards and, at a far sight, the Alps with the grand top of Mount Monviso.
Many important architects, such as Guarino Guarini and Benedetto Alfieri, as well as a good number of painters of the Royal Court, such as Luigi Vacca and Fabrizio Sevesi, worked for the castle of Govone. Its park and its gardens are  rich of marble fountains and age-old trees, thus preserving the traces of its past grandeur.  Moreover, a unique feature of this park is a spectacular tulip flowering.  In spring  thousands of  tulips dye the park with red, and every year a  traditional festival called  “Tulips at Court” celebrates this blooming  on the last Sunday of March.

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