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Gastronomic routes:  the dining table is a cultural rite in this area. The "king" of Piedmontese cuisine is the white truffle; however,  other savoury  dishes such as “bagna cauda”,  “tajarin”, the fried mixture or boiled meat with spicy sauces and the “bunet” are equally worth to be mentioned.

Oenological itineraries: In the Roero you can taste and enjoy the pleasant and smooth flavours and fragrances of  finest red wines  such as  Barbera,  Bonarda, Freisa and Roero or the fruity and floral perfumes of white wines such as Arneis and Favorita.

Folk itineraries: that follow the calendar of country holidays with their various rituals   such as singing for eggs during Easter Week or the bonfires on the night of St. John’s day, or popular games such as the “balòn “ and the “square” bowls.

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Historical paths: discovering the Italian "Risorgimento" with Garibaldi, Cavour, Vittorio Emanuele II and his lovely lady “Bela Rusin”.

Literary itineraries: following  the traces of Jean Jacques Rousseau, who spent a whole year in Govone at Lord Solaro’s service, or  visiting the castle of Magliano that belonged to the renown Italian poet Vittorio Alfieri.

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